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At some point last year I was speaking with the editor of Import Tuner about a Supra I was attempting to get featured and happened to mention my friend Matt’s insane 650whp LS7 powered Datsun 240Z racecar. While the magazine had no interest in the original car I was pitching them they wanted to hear more about Matt, his car and the story of how he ended up deciding to build what is widely known as the worlds fastest 240Z. After a few emails exchanged with a lot of photos, a lengthy and very impressive mod list and a great story behind the build they decided they wanted this racecar in their publication. Which is rare. A lot of the cars you see in magazines these days might look like racecars with their massive amounts of aerodynamic upgrades, but 95% never have and never will see a track. Matt’s Datsun is the complete opposite. It might have seen 1 or 2 cars shows in the past couple years but actively competes in the NASA Vintage Competition Racing Series where Matt and his old Z car hold track records all over the east coast.

Make sure to grab a copy of the very last Import Tuner ever to see print and take a look at Matt’s feature, the car is amazing and the article is extremely interesting and well written.

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